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Bedford, England, is a historic market town and the county town of Bedfordshire. At the 2011 Census, its population was 106,940 people, making it just behind Luton as being one of the largest settlements in all of Bedfordshire.

It's also noted that during this time period Queen Elizabeth I granted George Villiers (later Duke) with land for his grand country house on which had been part orchards near to where she grew up at Woburn Abbey and from these beginnings began an innovative estate garden design form including parterres - first seen in France during the Renaissance era inspired by ancient Rome when they conquered them through trade routes- formal gardens laid out according to geometric patterns originating around 1700s mainly French designers who took inspiration from Italy.

St. Paul’s Church is mainly Decorated and Perpendicular in style. The Bunyan Meeting House (1850) stands on the site of a barn in which John Bunyan preached from 1656 onward, and the panels of the door depict scenes from his Pilgrim’s Progress. The parlour is now the Bunyan Museum. The public library contains the Mott-Harrison collection of Bunyan’s works and other old books and pamphlets. Bunyan, who was born at Elstow, underwent a long but in part nominal imprisonment in Bedford.

Howard House, belonging to the prison reformer John Howard, is near the Howard Congregational Church, which he helped to found in 1772. Nearby is the mound on which stood the Norman castle, as well as the Higgins Art Gallery and Museum (located in the former Higgins and Sons Castle Brewery), which originated from a private collection of fossils and minerals and came to encompass social history, archaeology, natural history, ethnography, and art.

Bedford is well served by rail and road. It is the centre for a large agricultural area and is one of commerce and local government, serving as the administrative centre of the unitary authority. Industries include electronics, turbine engineering, and furniture, crayons, markers, and other school and art supplies.

In nearby Thurleigh, long the Royal Air Force facility site that later became a centre for aeronautical research, are the Bedford Autodrome, an extensive motorsport venue, and the Bedford Aerodrome a landing strip.

Nearby areas around Bedford includes Renhold, Milton Ernest, Chellington, Turvey, Lavendon, Cranfield, Shefford, Great Barford and more. We provide same-day evaluations and collections for scrapping your car in Bedford. Call 07752 222297 to speak with us or head over to our contact page to schedule a free evaluation.

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